10-14 working days across EU/UK


On blinds/curtains/shutters


Standard BS EN 13120


1-3 Days delivery

We manufacture made to measure wooden blinds, shutters, Roman blinds, and curtains, offering a unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Behind the scenes, a meticulous manufacturing process unfolds, combining tools, machinery, and craft skills to create specialist bespoke window coverings.

The journey begins with our client's vision. We outsource quality fabrics for our customers from Europe and the UK and transform these into quality curtains and blinds, but customers can also use their own fabrics. We use quality systems and quality motors, like Somfy, Brel, Lutron and others.

We manufacture the finest wooden blinds in Europe. We use basswood, abachi and real oak. Designers and architects specify our wood blinds because of product quality and unique customisation options like motorisation and a robust system that can go up to 420cm wide and 600 cm drop for both strings and ladder tapes. Motorised wooden blinds with smart home integration and unique painted slats are designed to cater to the most sophisticated individual tastes.

And most importantly, stringent quality control measures are implemented at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure all our customers get the same quality products every time they order.